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T. Scott Rowe, P.E founded, and is currently Principal/Chief Consultant for Rowe Technical Design since March of 2005. Previously, he was Director of Engineering at WaveTec Vision Systems of Aliso Viejo, CA and Director of Optical Engineering for Fovioptics, Inc of Santa Clara CA. Earlier, he was Associate Director of Research and Development at Alcon Laboratories, Inc for 17 years.

He has been involved in laser system development since 1978 in a variety of settings, including military/aerospace, commercial and since 1987 in ophthalmic medical devices. His current professional interests include intraoperative diagnostic instrumentation for improving outcomes in refractive cataract surgery, non-invasive measurement of blood glucose, therapeutic lasers for treatment of retinal disorders, photodynamic therapy, glaucoma and secondary cataracts.

T Scott Rowe

He holds 21 US patents, and has published and lectured in a wide variety of technical and clinical venues. He is a Senior Member of SPIE, Past President of OSSC, a member of ARVO, and is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of California.

"Elegant Optical Solutions and Advice..." is my motto and work thesis. My practice reaches out to all who need to incorporate optical devices or design into their products, and to those who just want fact-based advice in the technology group. My clients range from some of the largest medical device companies to brand new start ups, to patent attorneys and stock market analysts needing a little insight into ophthalmic instrumentation and the use of optical and laser based technology.

I am developing and manufacturing ocular tissue phantoms, i.e. “model eyes” for use in testing OCT, fundus camera and wavefront aberrometer instruments.

Software Design Tools:  ASAP (Breault Research), Zemax, Solidworks, MathCAD.

Skills and Expertise:  Geometrical and Physical Optics ray tracing, Optical and Laser Systems Modeling and Analysis, Prototype Construction, Ophthalmic Optics and Instrumentation, Systems Risk Assessment (ISO 14971), Mechanical Design, Laser and Light Source Safety Analysis (IEC 60825-1, 21CFR1040, ICNIRP guidelines). Ophthalmic Business Assessment from an instrumentation perspective.

Some Career Highlights:

  • Developed the first diode laser for ophthalmic surgery, 1988.

  • Early researcher in frequency doubling of solid state lasers; set the reported world record for output power and conversion efficiency for a Nd:YAB self frequency doubling crystal laser, 1990.

  • Managed all advanced research efforts at Alcon ITC, including investigations into waterjet microkeratome designs, non-contact tonometers, and ophthalmic PDT.

  • Member of the original Alcon Accurus vitreoretinal surgical console development team, responsible for illuminator development and release of the first compliment of surgical paks.  Oversaw the release of Total Plus and AccuPak, the first CE marked pak at Alcon Irvine Technology Center (ITC).  The machine and paks now command more than 70% market share in this critical care field.

  • Managed the R&D aspects of the DPSS EyeLite laser, including several enhancements such as the Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope AT.

  • Developed an IOL prescription formula (SST formula).  One of the few formulas to be granted a method patent.

  • Currently researching and innovating a diverse array of potentially disruptive technologies including intraoperative wavefront aberrometry, the development of non-invasive diagnostic instrumentation for the measurement of blood glucose, ocular tissue phantoms for testing and demonstrating high resolution OCT, SLO, fundus camera and wavefront aberrometers, as well as more common targets for corneal topographers, refractometers and keratometers.

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