WHOLE Model Eye

US Pat. 8,480,230

Cross sectional view

Swept source OCT image of the entire AL of the WHOLE Model Eye

An accurate optical phantom of the entire axial length of the normal human anterior and posterior chambers…we combine the ACOCT and OCT model eyes into one!


  • 3 mm ACD (optical path length)

  • 3 . 8 mm Lens Thickness

  • 5 mm pupil diameter

  • 25 . 9 mm Axial Length

  • 472 um Central Corneal Thickness (CCT)

  • Realistic Iris

  • Same 6-layer retina as in the OCT Model Eye

Options include: Different pupil diameters, lens cataracts (different grades, types), IOLs (you supply), 50 um thick corneal epithelium

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